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Mica Trim & Colors

Mica is a mined mineral that in its natural state varies in color from ruby to green depending on the mine. A binder is used to form the mica plate and, depending on the binder used, you obtain different colors of mica. Using shellac as a binder, we get amber to dark amber. If using a synthetic resin as a binder, the mica will be pewter in color.

Mica has naturally occurring stains caused by inclusions of foreign material in the crystals when formed millions of years ago. These stains, we believe, add to the beauty of the mica. Colors Abatjour offers are amber, dark amber and mottled pewter, all of them with the natural occurring stains, and clear pewter without the stains. The choice of mica color depends on the base and the lamp's surroundings.


Abatjour specializes in mica shades with woven fabric trim that holds the panels of mica and gives an elegant finish to the shade. We have put together a selection of standard trims. Choosing the trim is an important step, which gives you the opportunity to better match the shade with the base and the lamp's surroundings.